658 days and he’s still not ready …

Perth may be the most isolated capital in the world. Now we are also the most isolated state in this country.

Our Emperor has decided that this state is NOT going to open its borders on 5 February 2022, as was promised late last year. Many people are happy, but they may also live under the mass psychosis.

Others see the huge amount of problems with no tourism, no travelling interstate, businesses going under, jobs lost, athletes not being able to travel for matches interstate, mental anguish when families have to live apart for an undetermined future, plus more, of course.

Should we be allowed to leave, we may have problems, and may face the possibility that an exemption for returning fails. But even if we are allowed to come back, we may be heading to a quarantine camp.

Countries like The Netherlands and Turkey are already onto their 5th jab.

Netherlands Announces Plan To Give People Up to Six Doses of COVID Vaccine

If you do your research, you will find that there are doctors and medical experts who are telling the world that Omicron is usually not much more than a cold with a few days of sickness. Is there even a test to differentiate between, Covid, Delta and Omicron? I have heard not.

I’m no expert, so I will listen to the experts, but unfortunately they are not the ones in our government, nor on Main Stream Media.

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