“Expect Escalation of Conflict in Donbass and Ukraine Soon,” Says Foreign Correspondent

U.S. and Ukraine are already secretly preparing for the all-out war with Russia that they intend to make happen.

Russia to invade Ukraine? No, I don’t think so.The world is starting to wake up to fake news from all mainstream media wanting us to believe in their “journalistic” abilities to analyse what is happening around the world. They just read from the prescribed script.

The latest fear propaganda from the globalists is the possible Russian invasion of Ukraine. Why are they promoting this idea? Because the globalists in America have too many interests in Ukraine. Just look at the “business” undertaken by J Biden and H Biden (Hunter Biden’s laptop) plus possibly others well connected to make millions, and/or billions in that country. That’s been going on for years now. So, the elite needs to start a war, maybe by a false flag. Maybe by chemical warfare.

The same involvement as when they organise regime changes in countries. If a war eventuates, not many will guarantee that Russia is invading. The narrative is closer to putting all the info out there about “bad guy Russia” and “Bad Man Putin” to start the elites’ and globalists’ own dirty work. Don’t forget that Ukraine allegedly is the place for laundering, and it’s not just clothes! The top is just one link. If you’re interesting in the subject of what is likely to happen in Ukraine, there is an abundance of information on the net. But not so much on your mainstream media TV news etc.

The deep state and their narrative is to promote what others will undertake, so when they themselves put the plan into action, people all over the world who are not awake to their Modus Operandi will automatically believe the untruths. And that untruth may well be “Russia did it!” They will be thought of as the perpetrators, while the deep state will be the guilty ones. Don’t let them fool you when, and if it happens!

Hopefully, the more about this that will be posted, the more chance of the guilty ones to stop what they’re doing. Can we believe that? Not really. Please read the article on the link if you want more info. It’s important to know their plans before they are set into action. Who wants a war? Not the global population that’s for sure.

The war machinery is a racket. The rich get wealthier and the poor will have dead people all around them.

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