FDA lists 22 potential adverse effects of new COVID-19 vaccine and it’s not looking good

This article is from December 2020. The details about 22 adverse and serious side effects have been known all this time. Still, more than one year later, nothing happens to stop the madness with so called vaccines being on trial until 2023. The jabbing continues. Now even on young children 5-11 year olds who was not long ago considered to be immune. Why can’t parents read the vial insert (not any printout from a pharmacy etc.) before they let their child be injected? Where is the “informed consent”? Why do so many want to be guinea pigs?

Most people believe blindly in authorities, governments, health officials and more. They do not take into consideration that the real conscientious leading world virologists, epidemiologists, doctors, vaccine researchers, nurses, advanced medical experts etc. are banned and censored on all media including MSM, your TV news, Facebook, youtube and the rest. They risk losing registrations and licenses and may face prison sentences, fines and more. Please people do your own research into what’s really going on. There are many professionals out there who have willingly taken on the “establishment” and thereby taken on all the risks involved, including their own safety.

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