Pretending to be President – only 4.45 min

This is from a post on one of my social media pages. I posted this in August 2021 and it’s still highly relevant.

Cue the Marines have come out with a new video. Whether you have followed the “Buyden Show” or not, you may find the details in this to be extraordinary. Has the BIG REVEAL started?

First of all, we have not seen the real Buyden since the Presidential Election 2020, or maybe even before. There’s been some suggested impersonators e.g. Tim Allen, Jim Carrey and James Woods. They all seem to be great candidates for the Oscar performing roll. Jim Carrey is the one who’s real face is shown briefly in this video.

Also, when you come towards the end, you watch the fake Buyden to the left and the real one to the right. Do you see the difference yet? Has nothing to do with a face lift, but more obvious by wearing a silicon face mask. Even Fraudci and Dan Andrews, Victorian Premier of Australia, are shown in the short video when it comes to possibly wearing a silicon face mask. Is someone wearing an Andrews mask?

In today’s much advanced technology, do we even know who, and what we’re watching? Do you know that a person’s voice may be recorded (into a techno Voice Box) to be played with the right mouth movements in a video, or maybe also shown in a holographic way?

To sum it up, today they are able to make videos and have someone talking in a normal manner, saying whatever those behind want them to say, by also showing the mouth movements together with the chosen words. People are usually none the wiser. So, sit back and enjoy this part of the show, which started maybe even before the 2020 Election. Be assured the performance is coming towards the showing of the credits soon. Running time: 4:45 of your time. Please watch for fun and/or to learn.

For those of us who have known about some of the plans for a long time now, please notice the facial expressions of Ivanka and First Lady Melania when “visiting” the Pope. That tells us everything we need to know, especially for those who have watched the Pope’s highly disappointed/angry face in photos and videos from that time. Melania and Ivanka were with President Trump on his visit to the Vatican.

In 2017 President Trump allegedly made many special visits. He had a huge travel itinerary to meet with all leaders of many countries. First off to Saudi Arabia, Israel and Palestine, then on to Italy, the Vatican, Belgium, Germany, Poland and France. In UK, he visited the Queen. That’s where the Queen follows BEHIND the President. Think of it as to show who is NOW the leader AND IN CONTROL. Later that year, he went to India, Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and Philippines. Somewhere in between, he managed to go to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He also met with President Putin. That’s the time when President Putin threw him a football, as to say “the ball is now in your court.”

In simple terms, the Trump Team allegedly brought files and documents to show the leaders of the countries huge amounts of evidence to get them OFF the globalist side. As they always say: “WE HAVE IT ALL !” IMO.

Who is playing Buyden?

There are studios built like the inside of the White House. They are used for movies and TV series:

Jim Carrey in Castle Rock Entertainment, L. A.;
James Woods / James Woods at Tyler Perry cinema – Atlanta
Arthur Roberts / Arthur Roberts, actor – on trips. Arthur Roberts allegedly met with President Vladimir Putin in Geneva.

Allegedly, Putin knows all this.

President Trump’s team has allegedly identified Biden’s alternative identity.

Check it out and see what you believe after this. Even the teeth are different.
Right handed OR left handed? There was also a youtube video when Biden signed blank pages. Maybe it’s still around.

These were just some examples. So where is Joe Biden now? Do you still believe what you see on your TV news? Are we ready for the HUGE REVEAL, the biggest movie ever and lots of popcorn? ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿฟ

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