Kari Lake vs Lunatic “Journalist” at 60 Minutes Australia

Rumble β€” It’s no secret that the Media is OBSESSED with President Trump, but this nut-job from 60 Minutes Australia takes that obsession to a whole new level. Propagandist Liam Bartlett is infatuated with our favorite President.

It was clear from the start that this was another Corporate Media Cabal hit-piece. And when it ended Liam became desperate–he seemed panicked he didn’t get the interview he wanted.

Hey, Liam, stop lying to the people of Australia.


Thank you so much Kari Lake. Greatest interview ever from your end! I really enjoyed your answers to Liam Bartlett in Australia. He is typical of Big Media with Big Fake News.

Since the time, even before, Donald J Trump became President of America, the propaganda from the cabal/deep state has been the same over the world. This means that everyone in MSM seems to read from the same script, as was pointed out by Kari Lake. That’s why we cannot watch TV news. We cannot trust what we hear since most is fake news.

Luckily not everyone in Australia “thinks” like Liam Bartlett. His interview style put the whole country to shame. What was he trying to prove? Well, he proved himself to be a mindless minion listening to all the propaganda.

The day will come when all evidence about the corruption regarding the fraudulent election in America 2020 will be released, and presented to the world. I have followed what is happening since day ONE, and I agree totally with Kari Lake.

Liam Bartlett, stop lying to the Australian population! You are going to be horrified when you realise the truth. Better get used to it soon.

President Donald J Trump will return. He will go down in history as the best President ever. Nobody works harder for our future freedom all over the world.

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