Trudeau Dark Pedo, Aussies Cook Protestors With Lasers, Dukes of Hazzard Schneider Exclusive

Rumble β€” Wednesday on the Stew Peters Show, Sandy Glaze joined the program to detail the dark underbelly of a state-backed pedophilia and human trafficking syndicate in Canada, enabled directly by Justin Trudeau and his friends in Ottawa. SPS show Australia correspondent Maria Zeee joined Stew the apparent arms race between Canada and Australia, over which country can be more totalitarian and repugnant in handling COVID protestors. Zeee detailed that in Australia they are literally cooking anti-globalist crusaders with LRAD military weapon systems, leaving citizens with blisters on their face and body. Stew was also joined by Duke of Hazard legend John Schneider to address the changing tides in American culture, the significance of American history, and the scourge of baseless accusations of racism. And, Dr. Jane Ruby hosted her weekly ‘Ask Dr. Jane’ segment, sponsored by, and addressed the Biden and FDA plot to enslave America with mandatory vaccines.

Published February 16, 2022

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