World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leaders” Revealed

Source: World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leaders” Revealed

The Global Reset – World Economic Forum (WEF) – with its brainwashed members. Please read the list on the above link. A lot of surprises! Anything from Klaus Schwab to Leonardo di Caprio, Bono, Justin Trudeau and “royals galore”. What did they have to promise? Are they all traitors to humanity?

You will own nothing, live under total control with no privacy, and World Economic Forum believes you will be HAPPY? Who are they kidding?

If nothing better happens before 2030, all your property, whatever it may be, will be taken over by the United Nations. All revealed in UN’s Agenda 21, which has become Agenda 2030. Do they also take everything away from the wealthy, and super wealthy? Doubtful to the highest degree in my opinion.

This is what it’s all about. All the Freedom Convoys, Demonstrators, and Marches in all parts of the world are not only about the mandates, and the vaccines.

Panic in WEF! People are becoming aware of what’s at stake with a World Federation with a World Parliament, World Government, and a World Court. These are ideas long circulated in Club of Rome.

Is this why our democracy has been shelved, and now we have a leftist agenda with communism? Seems like it’s already started full scale in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Who has worked hard for years to stop all this?

President Donald J Trump and his Trump Team of Patriots.

This is why the Mainstream Media Industrial Complex has been instrumental in writing the fake news manuscripts to the whole world’s news outlets. They had to try and stop President Trump, and his team by claiming “Russia, Russia, Russia, impeachments, false rumours, and too many fake statements”, at all costs. Luckily, so far nothing has worked.

After the corruption with the American Election in 2020, the Deep State knows they are on their way out. President Trump NEVER CONCEDED. Keep all your fingers and toes crossed! Devolution coming!

Patel’s Patriot Devolution Series

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