Ukraine Explosions – pop~ — The Marshall Report

Ukraine at Maiden Square, live now…looks pretty calm. Everything is in tact. Remember, nothing is like it appears in this Go Brandon game. If this is a full scale invasion… what was the ANTIFA riots? That was nuclear!!!! Now, don’t get me wrong… I don’t want any explosions, I am merely calling out the fake…Continue…

Ukraine Explosions – pop~ — The Marshall Report

GI Joe included on the Marshall Report above makes me think about Charles Jaco in 1993.
The Mainstream Media Industrial Complex with their fake news has grown since that time.

This is a clip of “live coverage” of the 1993 Gulf War prefaced by leaked footage of the set where the “episode” was filmed. It shows CNN anchor Charles Jaco… , famous for his Gulf War coverage, joking around on a CNN sound stage in Saudi Arabia. It is followed by a live satellite feed of the “actors” playing out a scene of the chaos of war. Notice the psychological fear inducing manipulation of this news network and remember it the next time you let the dial stop on one of these lying and corporate owned cable news channels. This is FAIR USE of a video depicting an historic event.

I’m not saying there is no war, or no attack on Ukraine. But what is the likelihood when we know the DS has failed and is doing everything they can to stop what is coming.

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

The Best Is Yet To Come.

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