And So the MSM Fear Propaganda Continues … do you get it yet?

Biden – FJB – condemns President Putin and Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Who is under the mask? We can only guess, but he seems to take his orders from someone else. We think we know who. Maybe he also talks through a Big Tech Voice Box, sitting in the cellar, so the voice is the real Biden’s voice. That technology is available.

Now he gets the Western world to follow his “thinking” after the longest speech. Everything so far playing out as the deep state intends in order to try and save themselves, but it won’t work. The Great Awakening is here!

Of course Biden condemns Putin and Russia. Isn’t the deep state/cabal/biden/obama/clinton scared that all servers, and all data points will show the money laundering, child sex trafficking and corruption, PLUS the links to the ones with their “corrupt business” dealings in Ukraine?

Like Q says: We Have It All. (NSA)

Ever heard of Hunter’s Laptop? The one with all the evidence about what’s been going on with Hunter and Joe Biden and Ukraine? Why didn’t FBI investigate with better intentions? Was it the same kind of investigation as when they investigated Hillary Clinton a few years ago? Not guilty said the FBI. About Hunter Biden: Why did nothing happen when photos were released on the net with a naked Hunter together with little girls/children? And that’s only the start.

Who is the biggest contributor to the Clinton Foundation – CF? Allegedly it’s Ukraine. What is the CF all about? What happened with the EverGreen huge container ship in the Suez Canal? Hillary Clinton’s Code Name is EverGreen. Obama is Renegade.

What about all the Child Sex Trafficking?! What happened in Haiti some years ago? How was the CF involved? Time for your own research if you haven’t been doing any the last 10-20 years or so. But know this, if you don’t already do:

First on the Trump Administration’s agenda is to destroy the Child and Adult Sex Trafficking rings all over the world. #SaveOurChildren
Who still wants to stop the Trump Team at all costs? All the horrific evidence and information will be revealed across the world. Hopefully soon.

Read about the American families with connections to the US Congress and their questionable dealings in Ukraine on the link below.

The attacks in Ukraine are planned distractions from the pandemic, which never was. Many brainwashed sheep still believe in the psyop undertaken by the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex using the Mainstream Media Industrial Complex and their extreme fear propaganda. The narrative with mandates, ‘vaccine’ = gene therapies still on global trials, which have led to despair, serious side effects and deaths, together with enforced vaccine passports have failed. The House of Cards keeps falling, so now the blame has gone from President Trump to President Putin. Ukraine is the hot spot for all kinds of dealings. Are we sure that the Russians are the only ones ‘attacking’? Why not the deep state trying to protect their narrative and themselves?

The war in Ukraine allegedly started about eight years ago. So, again, was this attack a Modus Operandi False Flag? Seems like it when we know that the Presidents Trump, Zelensky and Putin work together to destroy the Deep State and Clowns In America – the same clowns that President John F Kennedy swore to destroy before he was murdered.

Have you listened to Putin and Russian authority figures when they talk about denazifying Ukraine? Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Don’t believe everything you see on your TV and MSM! Nothing is ever as it seems. All in my opinion of course.

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