EXCLUSIVE: Master Crime Scene Investigator Breaks Silence: Vernon Jones Raped 19 Year old Girl

Master Crime Scene Investigator Richard Bowen has come forward to expose a decade long cover up. He said he could not take this knowledge about Vernon’s crimes to his grave. Lauren Witzke and former Fulton County Senior Assistant District Attorney Antje Kingma interviewed Bowen, and got the inside story.
According to Richard Bowen, Vernon Jones lured a 19 year old girl to a hotel room in the W Hotel in Atlanta on July 30, 2004, and proceeded to rape her. When police responded the next day, they were stopped from collecting and processing evidence, interviewing the victim, and investigating the crime. The room was comped out to Vernon Jones and the crime was pinned on his deputy Lance Robertson, who somehow never faced prosecution or significant jail time for the crime. Richard Bowen was the master crime scene investigator who responded to the hotel and was ordered to not investigate and was eventually intimidated into silence, that is, until the Stew Peters Show found him and convinced him to tell his story on-the-record.
Published February 25, 2022

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