Disabled on Facebook? Censor, Ban, Delete? From Dark to Light? The Storm is Here. We have a Great Awakening.

FREEING OF UKRAINE means the world needs to find out about the Khazarian Mafia, corruption, money laundering, child trafficking, organ trades, bio weapons labs, and more. Some or all of the labs have been set up, and are kept by American tax dollars. Nothing to do with President Trump, but those before him. And after.

Why are some sons of Congress men and women, i.e. Biden, Pelosi, Kerry and Romney, involved in Ukraine? Where did Hunter Biden’s laptop go? Is it still with FBI? And nothing happens.

The Deep State works on to discredit President Trump and President Putin. This is why both are tarred with the same brush. Propaganda against these two Presidents have been blossoming, but are now wilting, across the globe. People with a bit of brain fog eat it up like ice cream. “Orange man bad, Putin bad.”

However, the world is waking up to the agenda by the DS to destroy both Presidents. Lindsay Graham calls for the assassination of Vladimir Putin. Isn’t that a criminal offense if any? One day the whole world will know that both President Trump and President Putin work AGAINST the Global World Order (aka New World Order).

The DS can’t go ahead with WWIII in Ukraine, but are doing everything in their power to make other countries take the step, and then, of course, all blame will fall on President Putin, and the Russians. Luckily, other countries are wary, and do not seem to be willing to start a war. If you don’t know the truth yet, you will find out. Coming soon, I would think.

If, and when, Xi Jin Ping takes troupes into Taiwan, Taipei, or even Beijing? the GLOBAL AWAKENING may end up completely unstoppable. Okay, as they say, we have already won, but the ‘show’ needs to play on until the finish line.

The US and their DS is keen to keep Ukraine exactly as is with illegal activities. However, the White Hats are in the process to FREE the country. This is why the Russians are there.

The DS and their Mainstream Media Industrial Complex with their propaganda machine contains enormous amounts of fake news. Fake photos from bombing and shelling, often with children around, have been released. People automatically believe every photo of horrendous bombing, and shelling of civilians, even children, hospitals, schools etc. A video game was used to show what happens in Ukraine, but was deleted after the owners claimed copyright.

What abounds is often fake news on your TV, and from your newspaper. If you watch alternative news, you may find that many of the photos were taken from earlier dates, even years ago, in different places. Some not even from Ukraine, as of what happens NOW.

Even a former Prime Minister in Sweden, Carl Bildt, a well known Bilderberger, promoted a picture/photo, which proved to be fake. So, who can you trust? Just trust your own feelings and yourself. Sorry about the Swedish in the 2 min video on the link, but they show the photo going back to 2016 and how you can check photos for the full date they were first released on the net.

Allegedly Sweden and Finland are NOT joining NATO. Great relief! They want to keep neutral. Who wouldn’t when you’re close neighbours to Russia?

Many Ukrainians probably have no inkling about what’s really going on in their country, and behind the scenes we watch on our TV. Of course, people have to flee. Of course, we all feel extremely sorry for what is happening right now in their country. The Ukrainians are in a horrendous situation. At the same time civilians and military are telling that it’s their own government, and maybe rebels like Antifa, shooting at them. Who do you trust? Those who don’t know what’s going on in Ukraine? Or the ones who are likely to know the truth? Let that be to your own discernment!

This is why I went through some of what is occurring right now in Ukraine:

While this Freeing of Ukraine is going on, I lost my Facebook page. After telling the truths on my personal page, and too many times getting banned and/or censored, on and off, for many months, I was back briefly. Just a few days later I was targeted by the famous fact checkers, who are only ‘opinion trollers’. Facebook had to admit they go by opinions, and not facts, when they were taken to court recently.

Facebook decided once again that I do not meet the Community Standards on my page. Mainly, I believe they take offense to my posts on everything current such as Corona, vaccines and mandating, information from leading world virologists, epidemiologists, doctors, vaccine researchers, nurses, advanced medical experts (most of them banned on many platforms now), plus everything about the real President, as in Trump, and the coup against the American people with the fraudulent election of 2020. The evidence is there, but how to get documents, ballots and videos through the justice system, which also seems infiltrated by the Deep State. May be revealed soon as well.

By the way, Facebook did not tell WHY I do not meet their Community Standards on this occasion. If you tell the truth on Facebook, and it’s not following the leftist agenda, you will be censored, banned and/or deleted. All due to opinions from the leftists. TRUTH is NOT ALLOWED on Facebook. Goes against their standards.

Facebook gallantly gave the option to take the matter further, but they contradict this by stating they do not have much time to look into the matter due to the Corona P(l)andemic. So, they say it could take a long, long time to get it sorted. Many censored posts, which I’ve been banned for, have already been proven correct, but there’s no follow up on their end. Also, there is no mechanism to argue with Facebook. They just do whatever they want. Hey, if you want to be on the safe side with Facebook, post a photo of your dog, and another photo of two glasses of wine, plus your fancy dinner. Not that it’s anything wrong with that.

Their Opinionaters/Terminators make their own decisions to the detriment of many across the globe. Most of my serious friends on Facebook have been banned or deleted. But even so, the truth is out there AND it will (eventually) set you free.

When I opted to take this further by clicking a button, they requested my personal Drivers License ID with photo. But then they admitted they don’t have enough ID fact checkers, due to the many requests (must be millions upon millions of people in my situation). Plus, they blame the fact that due to Corona, it could take a very long time for them to solve this, while they also need to hold onto my ID for up to a year or longer, if necessary.

Whoever wants to send their photo ID to Facebook anyway when not knowing where it will end up? I don’t consider them very trustworthy with my ID.

So, my account was disabled, and will be permanently deleted after 30 days from the day this happened.

Facebook acts shamefully in a hopeless way with no recourse, and no time limits. People are leaving Facebook in droves. One day it will not be around. Not in the same format, or with the same ownership.

President Trump was banned on Twitter for telling the truth to all people across the globe. That’s why President Trump and his Team of Patriots started the new social media platform – TruthSocial.com. Not available in all countries yet. Only on Apple in America and Canada for now. But you can register.


I’m in Australia, and waiting for TruthSocial.com.


Lena Nilsson

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