[N]othing [C]an [S]top [W]hat [I]s [C]oming – GEMS and TRUTHBOMBS – Cue The Marines

A short history of the extremely questionable American Election 2020. We may as well call it “fraudulent”. The evidence is overwhelming. But the justice system is allegedly corrupt, and so is the Mainstream Media Industrial Complex, financed and scripted by the corporations owning the world.

Everyone is waiting for when President Trump and his Patriot Team have grabbed hold of the bullhorn. Hold The Line until then.

The procedures of the American Election 2020 may well be the same in many other countries.

The Best Is Yet To Come.

Amazing “stuff” may be made with silicon masks and Big Tech Voice Boxes.

Truth is often in plain sight. Not stating these photos are the absolute truth, but the truth may be closer than most people realise.

Charlie Ward confirmed that Joe’s role will be played by three actors:
Jim Carey at Castle Rock Entertainment, L.A.;
James Woods / James Woods at Tyler Perry Film Studio – Atlanta
Arthur Roberts / Arthur Roberts, 3rd class actor – during n and the trips.

Arthur Roberts met President Vladimir Putin in Geneva. Of course, Putin knows all this. President Trump’s team has identified Biden’s alternative identity.

The White House has been built in a few locations to provide film studios for movies and TV series. The new Biden has been filmed in such studio when he was signing Executive Orders with the wrong hand.

Traitors in high places. The Don and his patriots will take the whole [DS] down.

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