In Our Faces – They Laugh and Call it Fashion! — The Marshall Report

THIS HAS BECOME THE NEW NORMAL OF ARTISTIC ENDEAVOR… AND IT CERTAINLY ISN’T PRETTY! Whereas attendees applaud and rate the genius in these designs, those who have eyes to see are beholding scenes from a cryptic future. 28 more words

In Our Faces – They Laugh and Call it Fashion! — The Marshall Report

With some of the fashion world, it’s so very obvious. “They” brainwash the people into believing this as art, and possibly wearable clothes.

To see how brainwashed people will get, they also sell brand name jeans with razor cuts. Who wants to buy damaged clothes for big dollars? If that’s not enough, they do the same to knitted jumpers. Cut them and sell them.

Then we watch all the young people, and even middle aged ones with their broken clothes to show they are trendy. Alright if you have to wear worn out jeans with holes on the knees because they’ve been used for ages, and you can’t afford new ones.

But why buy ready made scungy looking clothes?

And why would anyone want to buy the clothes the brainwashed ones above wear? Why go around looking like you just come out of the crypt and been hanged?

All in my opinion, of course.

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