Benjamin has spent much of his time around the occultist elites and knows them well. He says his intel is second to none… He says we are now watching the final act of their demise. The dead cat roll. In other words, enjoy the show folks. America will still go through massive pain, but there is light at the end of the tunnel according to Benjamin Fulford. You can reach Benjamin here:
Published March 30, 2022

I have included some pictures to illustrate the mention in the above video that Biden isn’t the real Biden. He may be a clone, or an actor in a silicone mask with a Techno Voice Box to change the person’s voice into Biden’s voice.

Is it one of these actors who is playing Biden, or are all of them playing him on different occasions? Maybe he has been cloned. Nobody knows. He just doesn’t look like the real Biden.

According to some, the role may be played by three actors:
Jim Carey at Castle Rock Entertainment – L.A.
James Woods at Tyler Perry Film Studio – Atlanta
Arthur Roberts, 3rd class actor. Roberts is alleged to have met President Vladimir Putin in Geneva.

The White House is available in a few different locations.

There are many options. CGI, Clone, Double, Silicon Skin Mask etc. Plus the voice may be replicated through a Tech Voice Box. Maybe we will find out the truth soon, or maybe never. This is all in my opinion.

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