Under the planned new WHO rules, the machinery is put in place that can create a “potential pandemic” out of thin air whenever they want…

Rights and Freedoms

21 may 2022

Step 1: Some Big Pharma lab can report exaggerated/doctored/made-up data to the WHO, claiming a health emergency in some Poor African Country.

Step 2: The WHO, no longer having to verify this data with the named country, immediately declares a “potential emergency”.

Step 3: Under the NEW “potential emergency” rules, an Emergency Committee is created.

Step 4: Since any “impacted nation” automatically gets a seat on the committee the US/EU/China will always be able to insert their own “experts” into any “emergency” by claiming they are “impacted” due to trade routes or financial ties or human rights or…whatever.

Step 5: The “experts” placed on the panel “confirm” Big Pharma’s data (without ever revealing many of them either have worked or still work for Pfizer/Merck/GSK et al.)

Step 6: If the Poor African Country denies there is any health emergency within their borders, they will be brought before…

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