Reality bites Labor Resources Minister as national electricity supply threatened

Do you really trust the Greens and the Teals?

Cairns News

Climate activists perform what appears to be a cultic ritual at Parliament House, Canberra.

AUSTRALIA’S new federal Labor government has been struck with a reality bug. According to the new Resources Minister Madeleine King, coal-fired power plants need to come back online to provide relief from the energy crisis gripping the east coast.

This after Labor, the Greens and Teals ran their election campaign on “combatting the climate crisis”, “ending the climate wars” (no more debate on the climate change theory) and “transitioning to renewables”. Greens leader “Adam Bandit” even threatened not to support the government unless they pledge to stop all coal and gas developments. Bandt is a fool and yes, a bandit intent on impoverishing the Aussie economy by shutting down its major energy sources.

Bandt’s most recent contribution to the issue was this Tweet: “Gas corporations are holding us ransom. Gifting an essential service…

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